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Professional Support

Since day one, our objective has been to help website owners of any size, budget, or niche make their websites much more enticing and engaging for their users, and much more effective toward their goals.

Deutrix started out as a small group of dedicated IT professionals located in Serbia with a second office in the UK. We created Deutrix Care after seeing how many clients of ours needed a professional to keep an eye on their newly-designed websites and maintain them to perfection.

Today, we offer you the opportunity to stay ahead of the latest and greatest technologies in the world of design, security, SEO, and malware protection, giving you the opportunity to gain an effortless competitive edge in your niche!

With our team of WordPress, Laravel, and Mobile professionals by your side, you’ll be able to work less on the technical side of your website and focus more on what you’re most capable of, helping you maximize your contribution where it actually counts.

Every step we take is strategic, and calculated, and keeps the bigger picture in consideration, making sure that we’re always making decisions that benefit your brand and website in the long run.

By choosing to work with Deutrix Care, you choose to always have punctual delivery times, reliable results, and security systems that are always up to date with the rising technologies and hacking methods.

You’ll always have the confidence you need to focus on other areas of your brand or business, and you won’t always be caught up in maintaining your website and making sure that it’s always private and secure.

Professional Support

Meet the team

Boris Jerković - Software Developer

Boris Jerković

Software Developer
Dejan Mihajlica - Software Developer

Dejan Mihajlica

Software Developer
Sandi Budić - Software Developer

Sandi Budić

Software Developer
Bojan Jurišić - Senior Designer

Bojan Jurišić

Senior Designer
Aleksandar Jelača - Software Developer

Aleksandar Jelača

Software Developer

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