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If you’re suffering from a low retention rate, then odds are you have your loading speeds to blame! Think of it this way: If a business you don’t know anything about invites you to a very slow website, would you give them the benefit of the doubt?

No, that’s why you need our help. With our speed optimization services, you can make sure your website is always loading within milliseconds, and that your users are always getting an enjoyable experience all across the board.

Speed Optimization

Double Your Retention Rate Without Redesigning Your Website.

Did you know that if a website is 1 second slower, its conversion rate drops by 7%? And if that delay is increased to 4 seconds, 25% of users will simply close the tab and call it a waste of time.

Our team can help you score higher in PageSpeed Insights, increase your website’s fluidity and overall speed, and fix Core Web Vitals issues. This way, you can maximize conversion rates and keep your users happy.

Experienced Professionals Who Work Seamlessly With Your Team.

Why work with us? Our team of professionals understands how crucial website loading speed is in today’s world: That’s why we’ve dedicated our years of experience to helping website owners like yourself load their websites in under 2 seconds.

With our help, you’ll be able to rank higher in search results, maximize your conversion rate, and make sure you’re always giving your content, services, and products the platform they deserve to give you outstanding results.

Image Optimization

Reduce image file size without
turning them into pixels.

Minify Javascript and CSS

Remove unwanted code and
reduce file size.

Leverage Browser Caching

Understand how you can control
how long web browsers should
keep static copies locally.

Lazy Loading Images

Start using quicker, more intuitive animations.

Our Speed Optimization Results

  • Tablica Kalorija
  • Parasell
  • Meow
  • Deutrix
  • Advokat
  • Tate

How Our WordPress Speed Optimization Service Works?

After the checkout process is complete and details are provided and we do the full backup.Our Website Speed Optimization process can be divided in three main steps.

Speed Audit

A full report on the website can be generated with our speed testing tools.


By the report one by one, a series of improvements are done on the website.


A full service report outlines the tasks that have been completed.

Website Speed Optimization Service

Our team will get your WordPress website to load in under 2 seconds!

Results are guaranteed but in rare cases where it's not possible we will provide full refund.

$197 / one time

Service covers one WordPress
website per order.

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Customer satisfaction is something that is very important to Deutrix. Over the years, we have gotten testimonials from our clients on multiple platforms.

Fixed issues and solved issues I wasn’t happy with. Communicated with me very well


Fantastic Service! Was very fast, and report was extremely helpful. Will use again! :)


great job done by a pro.


WordPress Maintenance Service

Get started with one of the Deutrix Care WordPress support plans.

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