Immediate Malware Removal To Keep Your Website Breach-Proof.

If you’re currently facing a data breach or hack, then you need to act quickly before the attackers gain full control of your data. Our professionals offer you same-day malware removal and protection against attacks.

Malware Removal

Regain Control Over Your Website Without Wasting Any More Time And Money.

The key to saving your website is to always be proactive. However, if the attackers got ahead this time, then you need our help. We understand the legal and financial risk that comes with data breaches, and for that reason, we help you get back on track on the same day and leave no traces of malware behind.

Our Professionals Are Quick, Efficient, And Rational.

Our team specializes in fast, efficient, and effective malware removal that involves completely erasing any signs of hacking and infiltrating your systems, and encrypting all data to prevent future attacks.

Detailed Website Scan

Our process starts with a complete, thorough scan of your website to gain a clear understanding of the malware used to initiate the attack, and then we inform you about our plan to take action.

Full Infection Removal

The team in charge starts cleaning the website and disinfecting it against any malware or harmful software that could be the reason behind the attack, and makes sure that the attackers no longer have access to your systems.

Security Improvements

After cleaning your website, we then establish enhanced security measures to help you prevent the same mistakes from happening again in the future, and maintain an enhanced sense of security all across the board.

How Our WordPress Malware Cleanup Service Works?

After the checkout process is complete and details are provided and we do the full backup.Our Website Malware Cleanup process can be divided in three main steps.

Evaluating the situation

Once you reach out to us about a potential threat, we immediately scan your website to find the root malware source and work on eliminating it.

Cleanup and hardening

After we find the extent of where the malware has spread, we start cleaning up its traces and removing any bugs or back doors the attackers might have left behind.


When we ensure that your website is 100% malware free, our team will provide you with a detailed report of what we did to enhance your security.

Website Malware Removal Service

Our team will eliminate the most common errors within the website that can negatively impact the way the website is ranked in search engines.

$179 / one time

Service covers one WordPress
website per order.

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Customer satisfaction is something that is very important to Deutrix. Over the years, we have gotten testimonials from our clients on multiple platforms.

Very good work!


Super Fast like Super man,,, saved me :D thank you , will be my hero for all my wordpress sites security.


Thanks so much, Deutrix Care saved me a lot of money and stress, both of my sites are fully back :)


Let Us Help You Regain Control Of Your Website Today.

With our help, you can avoid risking your users’ trust in your website, and make sure your systems are always malware-free even when the bad guys are already in. Join us today to learn more!

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