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Do you find yourself having to fix random technical issues with your website? Save your time, money, and energy, and let our professionals handle it while you focus on what matters most: Growing your audience and user base!

General Support

General Support To Cover Your Needs Site-Wide.

Maintaining a website is an essential yet very time-consuming task, and most of the time, website owners find themselves having to deal with technical issues they don’t know much about, which leads to unwanted downtime.

With our help, you’ll be able to rest easier at night knowing that no matter the problems you face, you’ll always have the experts you need to face them head-on with full confidence and that your website is always in safe hands.

A Wide Range Of Services To Make Sure Your Website Is Always Performing At 100%.

Our in-house team of professionals has years of experience in running, developing, and maintaining WordPress websites, and today, we’re offering you the opportunity to gain on-demand access to their expertise.

Extremely Efficient

By joining us, you’ll guarantee a fast, efficient, and responsive process for solving any technical issues that might come up.

Dedicated Team

We assign a dedicated team to your business and website to ensure you’re getting consistent results with every appointment.

24/7 Support

Our experts are on standby 24/7 to hop on a call, understand the problem you’re having, and help you get things back up and running ASAP.

General Support Service

You can get quick access to a developer in times of an emergency or when you're out of options. We can help with WordPress issues, errors, and bugs in PHP, HTML, CSS, JS, and others.

$89 / one time

Service covers one WordPress
website per order.

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Customer satisfaction is something that is very important to Deutrix. Over the years, we have gotten testimonials from our clients on multiple platforms.

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Quick and perfect work. Strong recommendation!!


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In case of a situation or when you've exhausted all other options you have the option to promptly reach out to a developer for assistance. Our team is capable of providing support, for WordPress problems as well as addressing errors and bugs in PHP, HTML, CSS, JS, and other programming languages.
Our website repair services are crafted to accommodate businesses of sizes, including small enterprises. We customize our solutions to align with your requirements guaranteeing that your website remains operational and optimized regardless of the size of your business.
Our expertise lies in collaborating with known visual builders such, as Elementor, Bricks, and others. We are here to help you enhance, personalize, and upkeep your website created using these platforms to ensure top-notch functionality and user satisfaction.
If there are links, slow loading times outdated content, display errors, or if users are expressing concerns, about your website it probably requires some maintenance. Keeping an eye out for these issues daily can ensure that your site operates without any hitches.
Sure thing! Our service for website upkeep involves enhancing your site, for compatibility guaranteeing a polished appearance and smooth operation across various devices.
Sure we offer website repair services for all kinds of websites such, as e-commerce sites, blogs, portfolios, and business websites. We work with a variety of platforms and technologies to guarantee your website functions seamlessly.
Fixing a website problem can vary in time based on how complex it is. Simple issues are usually sorted out within an hour but if it's more intricate it might take a day or two. Our goal is to address problems without compromising on quality.
The price of fixing website issues may differ depending on how complex and extensive the problems are. Feel free to reach out to us for a quote that suits your requirements.
Many problems commonly found on websites that need attention are broken links, slow loading speeds, server malfunctions, outdated information, conflicts, with plugins, and security risks.
Maintaining a website involves a range of tasks, like making updates adjusting styles offering advice setting up plugins, and addressing any technical issues to keep your site operating smoothly and securely.

Let Us Take The Weight Off Of Your Plate.

Don’t waste time by trying to DIY everything: Join Deutrix Care today and let us help you maintain an intuitive, enjoyable, and exciting user experience to convert more customers and attract more users!

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