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If you’ve read many of our articles you’ll know how much we love WordPress. The platform has long been at the forefront of web development, with over 43% of websites globally relying on open-source software. WordPress offers a plethora of tools to enhance user experience and make website development almost effortless. Continuing this tradition, WordPress
announced the introduction of “Studio by WordPress,” on the 24th of April 2024, a new tool designed to revolutionise how publishers and developers work with WordPress on their desktops.

WordPress Studio Website Creation
WordPress Studio Website Creation

What is Studio by WordPress?

Studio by WordPress is currently only available on Mac, though it is slated for a later release on Windows. It offers a local development environment that allows users to create, test, and learn WordPress sites directly from their desktops. The core benefit is that websites can be developed and updated without the need to go live immediately, offering a safe place to experiment and refine them.

Key Features:

  • Ease of Use: Studio by WordPress reduces the complexity of working within local environments. The software offers a rapid and seamless setup process that does away with complicated manual configuration tools.
  • Comprehensive Access: Once set up, users can access WP Admin, the Site Editor, global styles, and patterns with just a single click, and without the hassle of remembering usernames and passwords – a godsend for busy
    website developers!
  • Open Source: Like the original WordPress software, Studio by WordPress is an open-source project that allows developers worldwide to experiment and innovate.

The Advantages of Local Development Environments

The great strength of local development environments is that they provide space akin to personal web hosting spaces on your desktop without the need to make decisions that might be inappropriate down the line, such as finalising domain
names. Local development environments are ideal for:

  • Testing Themes and Plugins: These environments allow developers to install and test new WordPress themes and plugins without risking the integrity of a live site.
  • Avoiding Premature Indexing: By using a local environment, you can prevent unfinished or test pages from being indexed by search engines like Google.
  • Conflict Testing: Before updating plugins on a live site, developers can check for conflicts with other plugins in a safe, local setting.
WordPress Studio Website
WordPress Studio Website


Studio by WordPress offers a significant step forward in WordPress development, simplifying the process of site development for both seasoned developers and newcomers alike. The goal of Studio is to be a fast, efficient way to spin out WordPress sites from the desktop. If the community for Studio is half as vibrant as the existing WordPress community, the future of Studio by WordPress will be exciting to watch unfold.

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